Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Shinoj Alex writes

Last late night to my dismay
a traveler like many
many years I went through
there I saw the world
my soul in midst of battle

Traveled roads deep in thoughts
crushed jasmine flowers
without thorns the roses
the new born babies
frozen trees and heavy birds
incomplete love verses
cried aloud unheard…
the world so indifferent

I fell dead kissed the ground
cried none all dead……

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  1. Indifference is the theme. Every image emphasizes that apathy, not malice, is the truly great evil. A similar theme, in an explicitly Christian context, was written by Rev. G. A. Studdert Kennedy, Anglican priest and British army chaplain during World War I. (Referring to his wartime nickname, the Northern Irish chamber pop band Divine Comedy sang in "Absent Friends" that "Woodbine Willie couldn't rest until he'd given every bloke a final smoke / before the killing.") At Messines Ridge he ran into no man's land, searching shell holes for the wounded, Allied and enemy alike, for which action he received the Military Cross; the Anzac forces lost some 5,000 soldiers, the British 28,000, the Germans 23,000. Even during the war, the carnage converted Studdert Kennedy to pacifism and Christian socialism, and he died at 45 while on a speaking tour for the Industrial Christian Fellowship. Because of his political activism he was denied at burial at Westminster Abbey. Here is his "Indifference":

    When Jesus came to Golgotha, they
    hanged Him on a tree,
    They drove great nails through hands
    and feet, and made a Calvary;
    They crowned Him with a crown of
    thorns, red were His wounds and deep,
    For those were crude and cruel days,
    and human flesh was cheap.

    When Jesus came to Birmingham they
    simply passed Him by,
    They never hurt a hair of Him, they only
    let Him die;
    For men had grown more tender, and
    they would not give Him pain,
    They only just passed down the street,
    and left Him in the rain.

    Still Jesus cried, “Forgive them, for they
    know not what they do,”
    And still it rained the wintry rain that
    drenched Him through and through;
    The crowds went home, and left
    the streets without a soul to see,
    And Jesus crouched against a wall and
    cried for Calvary.”


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