Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Shambie Mpho writes

Find Me A Girl

Find me a girl
I want a girl
A brilliant beautiful honey-combed Nubian princess...
A dread-locked shaven-headed Afro-chic...
A girl with a soul
To lubricate my mind
In creative conversation
a life partner girl
To bring back the balance in a man...

Give me a girl
I want a girl
Don't bring me a soap-opera drama-queen
I want a girl
With pure looks to boast
An innocent self-assured apple-eye esteemed girl
A girl with brains
Who appreciates her weaknesses
a jaw-dropping spasm-urging life-giving magician
a girl to protect
and rock into tranquil sleep...

Please find me a girl
I want a girl
To walk the lover's walk with
and together hand-in-hand like siamese
Float to the end of the world where life meets
And listen to the silence of the universe with childish ecstasy
And watch the moon slowly dip into the horizon
And gaze with exuberance our silhouette
Move in unison with the beat of the waves
And in an out-of-body euphoria
Negotiate the clouds
Their fullness
Their emptiness
Then come back home to cuddle in the open air...

Just bring me a girl
I want a girl
A French-kisser shower-romancer humour-loving initiator...
A non-cheater feed-me-i-will-feed-you-in-bed kinky talker...
A let-me-wear-your-shirt self-respecting pillow-fighter wonder bomb...
A dreams-are-made-of-her curveteous second-to-none girl...
A top-drawer girl
To negotiate life with
And caress to Heaven above...

Find me a girl
I want a girl
please bring me no rejects
no bull-dog street-fighter gossip-monger waste...
No fast-food sugar-daddy pot-belly loving money-talks nymphomaniacs...
No boob-lifters fluffy-hair beef-eater girls...
No drink-like-a-fish beer-gulping all-night dancers arm-pit stinkers...
No gonorrhea-infested attention-seeking promiscuous leg-spreaders...
No sexually-starved anti-climax low-budget porn stars...
Who when they open their mouths
Hit you with halitosis
and start sounding like someone who raised them...

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