Saturday, January 2, 2016

C.b. Roberts writes

The Love Letter

I'm about write to you a love letter

That will rival all before.

One that should be framed

For all to be adored.

I pick up my pen

And it's a fight between the wills.

What I want and what I need

Spinning out of control…time stands still.

Locked in a trance,

A terrifying stare.

The pen and the paper,

One is full, yet one is bare.

I’m not about to pour out my heart,

Not going to bare to you my soul.

This is not about my useless feelings,

Holding on or letting go.

I’m not about to right any wrongs,

Not gonna dim any lights.

What the darkness has revealed

Can never be hidden in the light.

I feel the pressure building

So I stand…ready.

Though my quill is trembling

My nerves are sure and steady.

The dam breaks,

I let go with all my might.

Jaw clenched, my teeth are grinding,

Hellacious screams pierce the night.

The words are flowing like a river,

I can barely read my scrawl.

I'm holding nothing back,

This time—I'll say it all.

Faster and faster

Like an overflowing cup.

The ink covers the paper,

No chance in hell of keeping up. 

With tears streaming down my face

I say all that's left unsaid.

I'm committed to see it through

And write the words you've never read.

No more questions, no more answers,

I don't even wonder why.

This letter that I have written

Only holds the word "Goodbye".

 Where the flow of ink cup ceramic pot smoke incense smoke Vaporizer ...

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