Friday, January 1, 2016

Austin Belanger writes


The red side did holler and clenched it's jaws tight,
And the blue replied sternly and braced for a fight,
But the middle gave ground as the chasm appeared,
And each side drew back on their cliff-face a-feared!
But neither side reached out a hand to assist,
As some tried to come down and fell into the rift.

Soon none could recall why there was such a clash,
Between brothers and sisters,
Acting so rash.
Forgetting the common,
The strength of their clan.
Becoming the pawns of one called "the man."
Some tried to reach 'cross the chasm they'd made,
But too deep and wide,
The distance forbade.

So they clung to their cliff-faces,
Dumbfounded and lost,
Blindly ignoring the toll and the cost
Of ideological lies and deceit;
The end of their tribe did their war make them meet.

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  1. Austin writes: Here is another one I wrote. It's a different style for me. Every time I read it, I feel like I'm reading it in a Dr. Seuss voice from the old cartoons or in the measure of the Night Before's kind of a serious statement but I can't help but laugh now every time I read it.


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