Monday, December 26, 2016

Robin Wyatt Dunn writes

no long year shall outlive me
for I am fire
and do not die

inside the fellow hearth
I am screaming life

the birth of light opens huge doors
long avenues
raging curses
mad men
sorrowful women
shining children
the law of love
and the dormitory of history

excitement in the smut and shame
the ash of truth
sweeter than dusk
a hallelujah over the bright morning

 Image result for i am fire painting
 I Am A Fire And I Will Burn Today -- Twicus (Alain Villardo)

1 comment:

  1. If I am fire,
    then your arms
    are the hearth
    that contains me.

    If I am a constellation,
    then you are the sky
    that holds me up.

    If I am wanderlust.
    then you are
    the destinations
    that I seek.

    If I am chaos,
    then you are
    the storm inside of me.



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