Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sunil Sharma writes

Crushed within!

The un-slept 
Other half 
Of the old bed.

The quilts/sheets 
Light summers 
For the hill resort.

The shrill laughter 
Un-heard by the others 
On dark nights 
When a truant moon 
Hides---behind a bank of 
Grey clouds, kissed by a rough wind.

Shadows lingering in the hall 
The passages and rooms.

The jasmine flowers 
In the black hair bun 
And the scents 
Circulating in the places 
Frequented by a kind being, despite 

The encounters 
Once, lively intoxication 
Now---empty; surreal.

Black holes of the universe 
Sliding within a soul 
Developing cracks within--- 
Like the glass shattered 
Of a once-cheerful home 
On an abandoned farm!

Hindu Widow -- Ram Kinkar Baij

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