Friday, August 19, 2016

Charles Aashfahan writes

An Aspiration to Inspiration

I woke up today quite early, Some random thoughts Just arose in my mind truly: I looked for a few dots In my sad solitude, surly, Got nothing but spots Of life wasted so vaguely !

I loved the art but waited For a nice, seemly hour To begin: my heart hated Yet I halted like a stour. A respite I took and rested, Despite knowing I just wasted-

For some inspiration to come, Like the Scriptures or some Magical revelation to be bestowed But I never found it to be endowed

Though, still my heart, Like the longing lover’s woes Like those holy hymns arose, Lulled in hiatus without being hurt!

When the ‘’Muse of Inspiration’’ Knocked at the door of my honest heart finally, There was melancholy and elation Transforming my thoughts into art unwillingly.

Flowing words in the river of my aspiration In search of the ocean of a deep feeling Waning memories were part of my dealing So paper and ink were brought to mention The awaited guest called spiritual healing!

Inspiration is feeling the waters of the bays And to feel warmth in the falling sun rays.

Inspiration is the friendly smile of a child Or the beauty of a woman with style Or that kiss of the true lover behind a full moon Or like today’s sundown of this Sunday afternoon

Endless nights transform feelings to words Pain has pierced my spirit against love Yet nature sparks my life with her delight Revealing her magnificent magical might.

What I learnt is that an inner force - A strong determination from within - Is always a source of a true creation But the greed, the outer ostentation, Is always the source of declination:

You can easily see from the example of eggs - If broken from outside, they turn the life to lifeless But if broken from inside they turn the lifeless to life!

Not much like this, to my utter dismay - The masses don’t think this way. 

I hope inviting a muse for an inspiration - Will fit the company of my future wife, For these lines are nothing but my expression For gathering passion into my lusterless life!

 Geopolitical Child Watches the Birth of the New Human -- Salvador Dali

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Geopolitical Child Watches the Birth of the New Human - See more at:
Geopolitical Child Watches the Birth of the New Human - See more at:

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