Sunday, February 15, 2015

Either Alzheimer's or the Lightning Bolt

cruising The Moment,
arrowing past all awareness:
highway,enginewhiine,steeringwheeltrafficWorldsmudginnnnngg past
while we, preoccupied, reprise Creation,
absorb Eternity and Logos, Eden/Gethsemane, Genesis-Apocalypse
and the Night the Night,
the private bleeding into the general,
and Ouruniverse proxying for ego.
Glorious cosmic fusion in an infinite minute.

             (or so it briefly eternally seems in our infinitiny microverse)

The ends of love
are but two

:your V8 plunges from the surface
and, crucified like a butterfly in time,
helpless consciousness heightened,
you hover in slowmotion witness
to the juggernaut earth’s decay
just as your metal-again grille
begins to embrace solidity

or: doomed foresight eludes
as you rearend that lightless

 --Duane Vorhees


                                     GOD RUNS THROUGH ALL THESE ROOMS

                                                BOOK A: THE ENDS OF LOVE

Either Alzheimer's or the Lightning Blast


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                                                         BOOK B: BROKEN CHINA

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